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Broken chains of
trust. Life’s guided
to a senseless conclusion.
Silenced by great forces.
Like pawns we stand in
desert fields. Awaiting
for the strike. We are the
latter of our kind. Their
threat means nothing
to our world. With hearts
aflame, we walk forward.
Hazards in our way.
Ambush our steps
Overwhelming pressure of
the blade over our heads
Bathed in brightest light
We feel the fire in our
skins. We clear the path
of lies. As our final
resistance grows. As soon
as the daylight fades.
Unforgiveness will flood
our minds. In endless
rancor we drown No!!!
We won’t let them
intimidate our souls
We subjugate their fear
Relentless we advance
Through this polished
black brick road
We may soon see the end
Now we descry
Tenebrous figures in
the skyline
That dare oppose us
For every single step we take
Two more they will retreat
Each one that falls
Leads them to their demise
Now they will know
Eternal sleep
We keep on walking
towards the edge
As they fall back into their
abyssThe last one alone
he stands. This is a


from Dysnomia, released November 20, 2014




Dysnomia Vigo, Spain

Dysnomia was re-founded in January of 2014 by the members of an old project called Dark Eternity. After a few lineup changes, a demo, an CD called "Selenia" the band switched their name to Dysnomia.
The band decided to record 10 tracks and release them within a brand new self-titled album. They signed with Suspiria Recods to release their new album in the fall of 2014.
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